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How to creative an effective marketing plan

How to creative an effective marketing plan


How to create an effective marketing plan


The key to creating an effective marketing plan is to take your time to do your research and build a solid plan prior to starting. Like all great things, marketing plans will continually evolve, as long as they are based on a solid foundation.

The best 4 pieces of advice we can offer to those looking to start a marketing plan but have no idea where to begin.


  1. Start with a plan.

 The Australian Government has some great marketing and business plan templates to get you started as well as a host of other valuable resources covering sales and marketing. All the hard legwork to get you started has been done!


  1. Know your business and what it is you do best.

No one knows your business better than you! Write down everything you do and what it is you do best that is the most profitable. Now focus on that. Stick to what you know and what you do well. Try not to spread yourself too thin by offering too many products and services that you cannot deliver. Define your key offerings and make those the best they can be.


  1. Know your target market

It is all very well and good to have the world’s greatest product – but do your customers want it? Do you know who your target customers are? Conducting some market research is worth its weight in gold and should be a ‘must-do’ on your priority list. Starting with friends and family is a good base point, however, be sure to spread your wings to people outside your personal circles to ensure you are receiving honest and unbiased feedback. Take your results, review them and refine your offerings if needed.

  1. Know your competitors

Is there a gap in the marketplace for your product/service? Does demand outweigh supply in your industry? What are your competitors doing that you like? Do you have a point of difference that will make you stand out from the pack? Know your competitors so you can stay a step ahead of them.

So take a breath and get started. Once you have completed your first marketing plan, keep it in arm’s reach and be sure to review and refine it every few months and don’t lose sight of the big picture.

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