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Marketing Strategies in 2017 – What’s your next move?

marketing strategies

Take a look at these unique and effective commercials. Contrasting to each other but all three are still highly engaging and got the message across with these marketing strategies.

Commercial, Ads, toilet-break reminders.. whatever you call them, they’re still a huge part of our culture and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. With platforms like YouTube displaying commercials throughout almost every video, the viewer can now choose to upgrade to a paid subscription to avoid these said commercials but chances are many people are likely to save a penny and watch 20 seconds of a clip they didn’t intend on watching.

If you have the right target audience for your commercials or paid advertisements and have superb content, you may be lucky enough to land a website click straight to your Ecommerce store. A great Paid Advertisement doesn’t necessarily have to be a HD video filmed with a camera crew and actors. With the right Marketing Strategies, you can generate sales with an effective Ad made up of product images and the creative touch of a graphic designer.

If you are looking to gain traffic to your online store or are still yet to launch your brick and mortar store to the online world, speak with one of our Marketing Specialists at Bottrell. We can provide all the marketing and business start-up advice you need to get you on your way to growing a successful ecommerce business.

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