Millennial Leaders

Millennial Leaders



The millennial leader is different to the generic leadership model of past generations. Gone are the aspirations of power, dominance and large wealth, and replacing it are leaders seeking collaborative work environments where empowering others is more important than the size of their pay check.

Meet the new Millennial leader.

A recent study in the U.S surveyed 412 Millennials where half of the respondents define leadership as ‘empowering others to succeed’ with ‘empowering others’ as their main motivation at 43%, with the more common drivers of money and power sitting at 5% and 1% respectively. (Workplace Trends) Paints a different picture than the traditional leadership role doesn’t it?

So does this make Millennials effective leaders?

No matter the motivation for leadership – whether it is for money, power, or to transform people’s lives, the skills and pathways to achieve great leadership still need to be in place. There is no point dreaming of transforming people’s lives if you have no action plan of how to do so.

Whilst brimming to the full with great ideas and collaborative leadership styles and plans, unless Millennial leaders are backed up by experience, expertise and the right management skills, all those great intentions can fall by the wayside. No matter how brilliant they are.

Millennial leaders with the hearts and minds of their staff at the core are starting off on a great leadership foot. Their ability to pair it with brilliant business acumen and their capacity to drive their business forward, will determine the true extent of their leadership success.


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