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New programs

New programs

New programs in the pipeline to help tax agents

New programs

Editor: in a recent speech, Commissioner of Taxation, Chris Jordan, outlined three initiatives that the ATO has in the pipeline to help tax agents. The following are excerpts from that speech:

‘’There are three major projects that we are consulting about right now:

  • The New Practitioner Lodgement Service for Tax Time 2016;
  • Additional functionality in practice management software by December 2016; and
  • Online services to fix, supplement or replace the existing portal for Tax Time 2017.’’

The new SBR-enabled Practitioner Lodgement Service will be the primary and default lodgement channel for practitioners for Tax Time 2016

‘’The new Lodgement Service lays the foundation for portal functionally to be incorporated into practice management software, which leads me to our next major project- additional functionality through practice management software.’’

‘’ We are working to ensure you no longer need to switch between different systems; where it is easier to authenticate in your software and you are able to perform a range of other functions relating to registrations, account and client management, and the preparation and lodgement of returns.’’

‘’And to our third project: new and better online services for you. I am pleased to say that by this time next year agents will have significantly improved online services direct from the ATO, featuring current portal functionality and more.’’

Ref: ATO website Media Centre- Commissioner’s speech- 3 March 2016

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