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Deciding on where to spend your hard-earned dollars to advertise your business is a big decision. With so many options available and with your customers being so over-exposed to hundreds and thousands of marketing messages, how do you stand out from the rest – and where should you be?

The advertising landscape in Australia and worldwide is constantly evolving. With the introduction of new media replacing the old (Netflix vs TV, Pandora vs radio and so on), businesses and advertisers need to keep on their toes on knowing the latest and greatest fad to hit the market.

If there is one golden rule to follow it is this.


A digital presence is absolutely essential.

With over 92% of Australians online, there is no denying that as a business you need to build your digital footprint. If you have an established website and social media pages, look into the digital advertising options available to you.

Digital advertising is beneficial in that it shows you your immediate Return on Investment. There is nowhere to hide, no smoke and mirrors to hide the results of your advertising efforts. Digital advertising has these glorious statistics of impressions and click throughs to show you the real benefit of your advertising spend. Your advertising metrics are easily available and easily analysed, giving you immediate feedback for analysis.

By all means there is still a time and place for traditional advertising, yet for those with restricted budgets, digital advertising gives you a great starting point to build small and grow with time.





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