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So you have a new business idea ready to launch to the masses and wondering how in the world to start? We are here to help.

There are few marketing basics you can start with to get your business up and running and to be found by your ready and willing customers!


  1. Build your Website

Having your own website gives your business a home. It allows you to show the world everything your new product or service can offer. You can include images, text, videos, testimonials, incorporate an online store, contact forms and heaps more.


You can either engage a professional marketing or web development company to build your professional website or you can have a go at it yourself with sites such as Wix and Weebly and many others.


  1. Create a social media presence

Next step is to sign up for business accounts on your chosen social media platforms. The key here is to choose the social media platforms that best suit your business.

Facebook generally covers all types of businesses and is pretty much an essential for all. If you are a very visual business, Instagram is a must. But if you are scratching to think of what photos you would even share on instagram, give it a miss. Twitter is great for those who rely on disseminating quick short messages to customers. Once again, Pinterest is great for those creative and visual businesses. LinkedIn is a fabulous option for professional networking.

Always keep this word in mind – relevance. Otherwise you will be wasting your time.


  1. Online Email Marketing

Websites such as Mailchimp make email marketing a breeze. For those with limited design and web skills, Mailchimp is a blessing. Send customised, branded emails to your clients with the ability to segment client lists, multiple template options and downloadable reports on the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Get started with these three marketing basics and you are on your way!


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