Performance Review

Performance Review


How to kick arse in a performance review

So you’ve worked hard all year and it has all come down to this – your yearly performance review. So this year, instead of sweating it out in the week leading up to D-Day, take these Top 8 Performance Review Pointers and prepare yourself for the best performance review of your career!

Plan your review

Your boss may send around a performance review sheet to complete prior to your official review, where you can make your own comments about your performance. Take the time to read it and devise yur thoughts on paper. Showing you are well-planned and care about your review will put you on the right track to a positive review.

Take the time to reflect

Did you put in the effort this year? Could you have worked a little harder? Take the time to personally critique your performance and see where your strengths and weaknesses lay.

Sell Yourself!

If you really put in the effort and achieved great things – let it be known! Don’t be afraid to put forward your achievements and successes. Your boss will be invigorated to know that you value your successes and are leading by example.

Identify areas for improvement

Just the same as you identify your strengths, don’t be afraid to pinpoint the areas needing a little extra work in the coming year. Bosses know that staff have their strong and weak points, however it is those that commit to the strengthening of their weak areas that will impress.

Discuss future goals and aspirations

Ensure to discuss your future goals and aspirations within the company and areas you would like to focus on and grow. Unless your boss knows what you are striving towards they cannot help you reach it.

Don’t be afraid to speak up

A performance review is as much about you discussing your needs and thoughts as well as your boss. Share your opinions, be sure to listen but don’t be afraid to contribute to the conversation.

Be truthful and honest

Above all, don’t sugarcoat. Be truthful in your answers, as your boss will appreciate your honesty and it will lead to a more productive review.

Be positive!

It is amazing what a little positivity can do. It is one of the sought after assets a boss is on the lookout for when hiring and retaining employees. Everyone can learn – everyone can upskill, but having a natural positive nature cannot be taught. It is inherent and is an absolute credit to you so let the positivity shine!

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