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Positivity Power

Positivity Power 

Successful people have a habit of always seeing the glass as half full. Positivity isn’t just something that happens every now and then – it is a way of life. Positive people know how to jump back up when pushed down – know how to grasp an opportunity and see the best in all situations. When they fail, they dust themselves off and think of better ways to tackle the problem next time.

If this doesn’t sound like you, fear not – it can be developed and nurtured and before you know it – the power of positive thinking is in your court.



  1. Say yes.

The next time someone asks you a work favour, to collaborate, or to attend a networking event – say yes. Change what may be your initial natural response of ‘no’ and for a week just say ‘yes’. Open yourself up to new opportunities and see them as a chance to grow and develop your individual self.

  1. Try something new

If you have been putting off registering for that course, applying for a promotion or tabling a new concept – there is no time like the present. Seize every opportunity that comes your way, as you never know when the next one may come along.

  1. Be kind to yourself

No one is perfect – but if you fail, at least you are one step closer than you were before in achieving success. Speak positively to yourself – be your own cheerleader. Be kind to yourself and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. People see and feel those who emit a positive energy and positivity attracts positivity. Watch the number of fellow positive and motivate people gravitate to your company.

  1. Be generous to others

Commend your coworkers on a job well done, thank your team for their input and commitment – find ways to appreciate those around you and be generous with your compliments when earned.

  1. Don’t give up!

If it doesn’t work the fist time – try and try again. Think good things and good things will happen. No one achieved anything by sitting back and waiting for things to happen – be that person who chases down success – no matter what battles it takes to get there.

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