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Presentation skills in the workplace – can it make a difference?

Remember those years of debating practice or when you were forced to stand up in front of your class and recite your two minute speech?

Whilst at the time these tasks seem to be a certain level of terrifying and perhaps a form of punishment for some, they were crucial activities to help build your public speaking capabilities and confidence from a young age.

Some may have taken the opportunity and run with it, others may not. It takes a certain type of person to have knock-out presentation skills. One that can stand up in front of a boardroom full of CEO or clients and pitch their idea, financial forecasts or whatever it may be to a waiting audience.

If you are one of the lucky ones that doesn’t bat and eyelid at the process, then you are one of the few. If the thought merely takes you into a state of meltdown, it may be worth your while doing some public speaking professional development courses to up your confidence. Being able to confidently present yourself within the workplace can go a long way to moving up that corporate ladder – it shows confidence and faith in your own ability.

Practice makes perfect – so grab the kids, your partner or the family dog and practice, practice, practice.


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