Trades – Chargeout Rate


Want an easy, accurate way to calculate the Charge-out rate for you or your employees?

It's a simple to use Charge-Out Rate Calculator. Using excel we have provided a step-by-step experience.

Keep it forever! Once you receive your calculator, you can use as many times as you want. Keep up to date and check your rates regularly.

Use it to project profits. The calculator allows you to add desired profit and will adjust your charge-out rates to hit your target.

Once you purchase your Charge-Out Rate Calculator for Legal it will immediately be available for download in .xls format.

All you need to get started is your most recent Profit & Loss Report, it's seriously that easy!

What are the benefits of having our hourly rate calculator?

  • To ensure you are staying competitive
  • Budget for future profits in your hourly rate
  • Calculate new staff rates

Looking for the Legal Based Rate calculator? Click Here



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