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Managing a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) requires a comprehensive approach to financial planning, regulatory compliance, and strategic investment. At Bottrell Accountants & Taxation, we offer a suite of detailed services tailored for SMSF trustees, encompassing the expertise of accountants, tax agents, auditors, and bookkeepers. Our structured approach ensures that your SMSF is managed efficiently, complies with all regulatory requirements, and aligns with your retirement objectives.

Accountant Services for SMSF

  1. SMSF Setup and Structure:
    • Advising on the optimal fund structure and establishment process.
    • Assisting with the creation of the trust deed and registration with the ATO.
  2. Investment Strategy Development:
    • Formulating a compliant and effective investment strategy tailored to members’ goals.
    • Regular reviews and adjustments to the investment strategy in response to changing regulations and market conditions.
  3. Financial Statement Preparation:
    • Annual preparation of detailed financial statements, including asset valuations and member balances.
    • Ensuring accuracy and compliance in financial reporting.
  4. Contribution and Pension Strategy:
    • Guidance on contribution caps, types, and strategies to maximize fund growth.
    • Advising on pension phase transitions, including minimum drawdown rates and tax implications.

Tax Agent Services for SMSF

  1. Tax Planning and Advice:
    • Strategic tax planning to optimize the fund’s tax position.
    • Advice on the tax implications of investment strategies and individual transactions.
  2. SMSF Tax Return Preparation and Lodgment:
    • Preparation and lodgment of the SMSF annual return, including income tax and regulatory sections.
    • Calculation of taxable income, tax liabilities, and available tax concessions or exemptions.
  3. Capital Gains Tax Management:
    • Strategies for minimizing capital gains tax on the disposal of fund assets.
    • Record-keeping and reporting for CGT events within the fund.
  4. ATO Compliance and Audit Support:
    • Assistance in responding to ATO inquiries and audits.
    • Advice on rectifying compliance issues and avoiding future penalties.

Auditor Services for SMSF

  1. Comprehensive Compliance Audits:
    • Conducting mandatory annual audits covering both financial statements and compliance with superannuation laws.
    • Assessment of the fund’s adherence to the SIS Act and ATO regulations.
  2. Audit Reporting and Recommendations:
    • Providing detailed audit reports identifying compliance breaches and financial discrepancies.
    • Offering actionable recommendations to address audit findings and enhance fund governance.
  3. Regulatory Guidance:
    • Keeping trustees informed of legislative changes and their implications for the SMSF.
    • Advising on best practices for maintaining compliance and avoiding regulatory pitfalls.

Bookkeeping Services for SMSF

  1. Transaction Processing and Record-Keeping:
    • Accurate recording of all fund transactions, including contributions, income, expenses, and investments.
    • Maintaining comprehensive and orderly financial records in accordance with ATO requirements.
  2. Bank and Investment Reconciliation:
    • Regular reconciliation of bank accounts and investment statements to ensure the integrity of financial records.
    • Identification and correction of discrepancies in a timely manner.
  3. Member Statements and Reporting:
    • Preparation of annual member statements, detailing contributions, earnings, and account balances.
    • Provision of periodic reports to trustees for informed decision-making.


At Bottrell Accountants & Taxation, we understand the complexities involved in managing an SMSF. Our integrated team of accountants, tax agents, auditors, and bookkeepers collaborates to provide a seamless service experience, ensuring your SMSF meets all regulatory obligations while optimising its financial performance. Whether you’re establishing a new fund, seeking to enhance your investment strategy, or requiring assistance with compliance and reporting, our expert team is here to support every aspect of your SMSF management.

Bottrell Accountants & Financial Advisors

Established in June 2012 by Director Gavin Bottrell, our firm provides comprehensive advisory services spanning Personal Tax Returns, Accounting, SMSF, and Business Consulting. Catering to a diverse clientele from small enterprises to large corporations, as well as individual clients throughout Australia, we are dedicated to facilitating business expansion and financial prosperity.

Why Bottrell Accountants & Tax Agents?

At Bottrell Accountants & Tax Agents, our commitment to providing personalised, expert service is unwavering. Whether you’re a small business owner, property investor, or looking to manage your superannuation effectively, our team is equipped with the expertise and dedication to support your financial journey.

Our holistic approach ensures that every aspect of your financial life, from business operations to personal investments and superannuation, is managed with professionalism, precision, and a forward-thinking strategy. Contact us to explore how our services can be tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring your financial well-being and success.

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