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Tax deductions for Aged Care Workers

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 Dedicated to the individuals who tirelessly care for our elderly generation, your role as an Aged Care Worker is truly commendable. Every day, you contribute to the well-being and dignity of aged Australians, a task that undoubtedly requires great effort. After a long day of such important work, dealing with tax matters might be the last thing on your mind. However, ensuring a prompt completion of your tax return can mean more money back in your pocket. At Bottrell Accountants & Financial Planners, we understand the significance of your job, and our experienced tax consultants are here to ensure you don’t miss out on any eligible deductions.

To initiate the tax return process as an Aged Care Nurse, Registered Nurse, Home Care Provider, Community Support Worker, or Disability Support Worker employed by a company, the first step is obtaining an income statement from your employer (formerly known as a “payment summary” or “group certificate”). This document outlines your salary, wages, allowances, and bonuses for the financial year. While you don’t need to physically possess this statement, as it is usually lodged by your employer directly to the ATO, we can retrieve the information for you and assist in calculating your deductions.

Understanding Deductions:

As an Aged Care Worker, you are entitled to claim deductions for money spent during the financial year on products or services directly related to your income-earning activities. Two crucial points to remember are that you must have personally incurred the expense (not reimbursed by your employer), and you need to maintain a record of the expenditure, such as a receipt or invoice.

Deductible Expenses:

  • A range of deductions can be claimed, including:
  • Car expenses, parking costs, and tolls for travel between different job locations
  • Commissions or fees paid to aged care employment agencies, along with union fees.
  • Expenses related to buying, repairing, and cleaning work clothing, including protective items and sun protection
  • Costs of purchasing and insuring equipment or tools specifically required for your work
  • Subscription fees for industry-specific magazines or journals
  • Self-education costs for courses, training, or seminars related to your current job
  • First aid training course costs if required for emergency work situations
  • Phone and internet expenses for work-related usage on personal devices

Non-Deductible Expenses:

Certain expenses cannot be claimed, such as:

  • Costs incurred while traveling between home and your workplace
  • Regular clothing that can be worn outside of work
  • Meal expenses during a workday, even if covered by an employer’s allowance
  • Grooming costs, including hairdressing and makeup items
  • Commissions or fees paid to a nursing agency if already covered by the employer.


Maintaining accurate records is crucial for a successful tax refund. Establishing a reliable system to organize receipts throughout the year is a smart practice. Digital copies of receipts are acceptable, provided they include essential details like the supplier’s name, expense amount, nature of goods or services, payment date, and document date. Receipts for expenses under $10 (cumulatively not exceeding $200) are not required.

Addressing Mistakes:

If you realise a mistake in your tax return, don’t panic. It’s a common occurrence, and the key is to address it promptly. Ensuring meticulous information gathering and supporting documentation when filing your tax return is essential. Only claim genuine deductions to avoid penalties and potential prosecution by the ATO. If you self-lodge and identify inaccuracies or unsubstantiated claims, contact Bottrell Accountants & Financial Planners immediately for assistance in making necessary amendments.

For any further questions regarding your tax return, reach out to Bottrell Accountants & Financial Planners. Our experienced consultants are ready to help. Call us at 02 4933 6888 for details or book an appointment online at your nearest office.

What happens if I make a mistake in my tax return?

Exercise caution when assembling information and supporting documentation. Only claim genuine deductions to avoid penalties or prosecution. If you realise errors, promptly contact your accountant for necessary amendments.

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