Success comes in many different forms. What defines success for one person can be radically different to the next.

The same goes for the path taken to get there.

Back in the day, the route to success was through university or some form of higher education. The path was clear, the goals set and the outcome tangible.

Enter the dot com era and the evolution of seemingly overnight success stories, commonly depicted by late night dorm room sessions. It’s the new era of entrepreneurship.

Today successful entrepreneurs come in so many shapes and styles, yet the concept remains the same – the ability they have to fill a missing void we didn’t even know was there – until it is filled. They know how to think outside the box.

  • Who knew we wanted a social platform that deleted videos 24 hours after we made them? After all, why would we want to delete something we just took the time and energy to complete?
  • Who would have thought we could bid on jobs on a worldwide platform – giving employers access to employees across the globe?
  • Who would have thought we could make more money than we ever dreamed by blogging about our travels across the globe?

But the relevance of University cannot be understated, as amongst the bloggers and entrepreneurs of today, we still need doctors, nurses, teachers and engineers….

They are the people who make our world go round.

They are the people who are discovering cures for disease.

They are the people caring for our elderly.

They are the people delivering the babies of the new generation.

Success comes in many forms – it’s just which road you decide to take.



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