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Snapchat is on the up and up.

They have cleverly moved their niche to a much broader market, adding on an exceptional amount of value to both its net worth and public utilisation.  Hubspot puts its worth at over 16 billion and boats a whopping 100 million users. Nothing to cry about there.

When building your brand, Snapchat can go a long way….

It’s real

there’s no editing, no filters, no gimmicks – it is all real footage without the smoke and mirrors. It allows your customers to get up close and personal to the real parts of your brand. It’s a great tool to showcase your business behind the scenes – which really – is where all the fun happens.

It’s Timely

It draws in your customers and creates a sense of urgency. Due to the nature of the platform and messages deleting after 24 hours, users are pulled back again and again to the platform searching for new content.

It means content doesn’t have the ability to go stale – it’s current and real-time. And if your customers miss it, it’s gone.

It’s yet another social platform to add to the list, but with no sign of slowing down, it’s time you became familiar with that little ghost and start sharing.

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