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Working Weekend Is Bad For New Business Owners

So you run a small business, there’s no budget for hiring help, so you try and do everything – including bookkeeping on your own.

As your business grows, you come under pressure. There are more transactions happening and more records to keep. Money flows in and out of the business faster, and you often lose track of it. Are you feeling overworked, tired, and anxious? ‘Work for yourself’ they said. ‘It will be fun’ they said.

It is fun, so keep reading.

Growing Pains

As your workload grows and you slip behind on your bookkeeping, you may worry that:

  • You are not meeting your tax and compliance obligations
  • You don’t really know how much money you’re making
  • You ‘re making decisions about things you don’t fully understand (like debt)

And you may feel pressure to:

  • work faster to meet growing demand for your goods and services
  • catch up on business admin on the weekends
  • try and fix your work-life balance

We are here to support you through these growing pains and give you that much needed relief. Kind of like giving baby Nurofen to your newborn sick child. You feel helpless and because you are new to this you are trying your best to be strong! Don’t be afraid to call up mum and get some reassurance, help and advice.

How will we help?

We will figure out how your business is doing. You may not know if it is profitable or if you can reinvest into the business as things grow and speed up.

We take away the hassle and streamline the process of all bookkeeping and tracking of the business.

We will be your go-to person, we are here to educate you to make you more confident in yourself and your business. There is no such thing as a stupid question. We are here to help you.

Time to get your life back!

Don’t worry about the tasks that take up your evenings and weekends and stop worrying about unnecessary things. Quit wasting your spare time completing data entry in spreadsheets, preparing and sending invoices or wondering if you can afford new equipment, need extra staff etc.

We will relieve your work burden, give you certainty in your financial situation, and help you understand your business.

We understand young businesses. If you can relate all too well to the above, don’t delay!

Call us on 0249336888 and get your life back!

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