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Younger Boss

Younger Boss


What to do when your boss is younger than you

Age is like a good wine – quality is more important than the quantity. You’d rather enjoy a perfectly balanced cabernet sauvignon over a dozen cheap and nasties.

Let’s take that same adage and apply it to the age of your superior. For those who have the circumstance that their boss is actually younger than they are – try and remember – ‘It’s quality over quantity’. The quality of their work and leadership should speak louder than the number of years they possess.

Despite this, having a boss that is younger than you can take a little bit of getting used to. It’s the opposite of how traditional dynamics work – the older sibling takes the lead, the more experienced and ‘mature’ employee generally leads the team. What happens when these roles are reversed and you are looking down the barrel of a superior maybe 5, 10 or even 20 years your junior?

Respect is Key

No matter the age, gender or any other characteristics of your boss, it is all about respect. Respect should be given on the merit of their leadership capabilities, despite their age.


Learn how to communicate effectively

There may be some generational differences between you, however this doesn’t mean that communication should be hindered. Look at it as an opportunity for self-growth – a chance to benefit from the insight and leadership of those younger than you who can bring a refreshing and different outlook on things.


You are never too old to upskill. Ensure that your finger stays on the pulse in the latest developments and advancements in your industry. Keep up with technology so you never feel left behind. A worker who is able to remain current and knowledgeable is of more benefit than one who remains stuck in the old ways of the past.

Next time you are looking at your boss and calculating whether or not you could be their mother or father, recalibrate and see it as an opportunity to develop your own skills and you never know, you might just learn something.

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