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10 Crazy Things You Can Claim on Tax

10 craziest things you can claim on tax

One of the most dreaded and highly anticipated times of the year is tax season. There are millions of Australians who are wrecking their nerves out for ways on how to boost their tax returns.

According to a research conducted by Officeworks, there are $1.65 billion of unclaimed taxes annually nationwide. This means that an Australian could miss out on $426 each other year for unclaimed taxes.

There are 40 percent of the population that they are clueless about claim taxes for various items. This would imply that people are seriously in the dark about the claims they could possibly have.

The Australian Tax Office has issued a list of items that you can claim tax returns for. From guard dogs, adult toys to garden gnomes, you will be smiling at the end of this article. In relation to this, we have come up with 10 of the strangest and weirdest yet perfectly legal deductions that can be claimed:

• Those individuals who are working in the adult industry can tweak on their taxes before tax season is nigh. You can claim the cost of adult toys, lingerie and costumes. Oils, tissues and lubricants as well as condoms can be claimed.

• Property investors could potentially boost their tax returns. They can consider adding garden gnomes in their rental properties as well as fish tanks and clocks for potential tax claims.

• If you happen to work at home, you can claim several items like stationary, printers, computers, printer ink and desks. As a tax payer who performs your duties at the comforts of your own home, you are entitled for deductions for the expenses of running it. According to the Australian Tax Office, if you are an employee who is required to make use of your phone, electronic device or computer you can surely claim deductions.

• Sunglasseshats and sunscreens can be deducted from your tax. This is good news for professional athletes and other workers who are exposed under the sun.  With most expenses, other pertinent documents and receipts are required when claiming for these items.

• Hair styling and cutting tools are clear for tax claims, giving a whole new meaning to tax “cuts”. This will delight the individuals working in the hairdressing and beauty industry. They can also claim for required clothing related to the nature of their work.

• Work-related costumes for performing artists and dancers can be claimed. This will include outfits, shoes and tights as well as colored contact lensesDance lessons and stage make up, mobiles and car travel which is meant for work are also valid for tax claims.

• The ATO has identified luggage to be tax deductable. As long as you can prove that you use your bag for work solely, you will surely claim some cash on it. For those who work in the aviation industry like pilots, flight engineers and flight attendants, they are the ones who can look into this deduction.

• If you are studying for your current paid job, it is definitely tax-deductable after the first $250. The travel expenses you have incurred going to and from your home and school can be claimed as well.

• Political donations can be deductable from your taxes. If you have made a donation to a certain political party, you should claim it.

• Doing laundry for work –related clothes can be claimed. You have to secure written evidence if your laundry expense goes beyond $300.

Whilst there are really peculiar tax deductions that can be claimed, the Australian Tax Office recommends that tax payers remember a few things regarding tax deductions. First thing, they have spent the money personally and were not reimbursed. Secondly, tax payers should ensure that the items are related to their job.

Lastly, they have the records (receipts and other documents) to support it.

Do you know of any other strange items you are eligible to claim?


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