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Benefits of using Flickr for your Business

Benefits of using Flickr for your Business
Flickr (pronounced “flicker”) is an image hosting and video hosting website, and web services  suite that was created in 2004 and acquired by Yahoo in 2005. In addition to being a popular website for users to share and embed personal photographs, and effectively an online community, the service is widely used by photo researchers and by bloggers to host images that they embed in blogs.

Flickr offers three types of account: Free, Ad Free and Doublr. The free option includes one terabyte of storage limited to 200 MB per photo and 1 GB per video with maximum length 3 minutes. The Ad Free option allows subscribers to avoid advertisements for an annual fee. The Doublr account includes twice the storage of a free account. The images a Flickr photographer uploads go into their sequential “photostream”, the basis of a Flickr account. All photostreams can be displayed as a justified view, a slideshow or archive.

The key benefits to using a Flickr account for your business are:-

  • Show customers your products and services
  • Promote your business name
  • Increase traffic to your website,
  • Increase traffic to your Facebook page or Twitter account
  • Build relationships with customers
  • Encourage word-of-mouth recommendations
  • Improve your search engine ranking
  • Save, organise and edit your images
  • Find new images

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