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Disruptive Business

Disruptive Business

Will disruptive businesses go away? In the short answer… no.

If anything, disruptive businesses are on the rise and here to stay.

With the technologically minded and innovative Millennial generation moving up the ranks and taking over the helm, disruptive businesses are becoming more common in the marketplace.

The Millennial generation’s drive to succeed lies within empowering others and changing the lives of the people around them. It is this leadership theory that Millennials stand by, that make the likelihood of disruptive business even greater.


What is a Disruptive Business?

A disruptive business is one that discovers new innovations that create new markets; therefore upsetting the norm and displacing established businesses and traditional market leaders. They thrive on creating new products and services that people didn’t know they wanted, or needed.

Disruptive business may not be going anywhere anytime soon, however, to remain relevant, they need to invest time, money and resources into continually maintaining their presence and relevance in the market.

Fads can come and go; so businesses need to ensure their new innovations have sustainable longevity to ensure their survival.


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