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Legal Business Coaching & Advice

Business Coaching & Advice

Legal & Conveyancing firms that once saw growth as easily as hanging a shingle have recently been disrupted from innovative practices using advanced digital technology.

Those falling behind have found out the hard way, that the only way to gain market share from the opposition is to enter the digital realm of marketing.

With growing technology, traditional marketing methods just don’t cut it anymore so what strategies do you have in place?

What will we do for your business?

  • Prepare a growth strategy
  • Identify opportunities leading to growth.
  • Measure your growth performance
  • Analyse key indicators, such as turnover, market share, profits, staff numbers.
  • Challenge you and your business

It all starts by understanding your goals.

Sounds easy enough but not all partners of law firms are aligned in their future direction. Having different agenda’s, expectations and acceptance of performance leads to conflict. One of our key roles is to help align partners to avoid such conflict and provide a strong foundation for success.

Together, we will develop a specific plan for your Legal Firm. Determine what action must be taken and hold you accountable to getting it done. It’s vital to measure the results, then reset your goals.

Bottrell Business Consultants have a proven track record of growing successful businesses in all professional industries for over 7 years.

Are you ready to find out how we can help you achieve sustainable & profitable growth with our successful business consulting, strategies and modern marketing methods?


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