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WRIKE – Your New Best Friend

Need project management software? Wrike is your answer – Here is why..

We’re big fans of the cloud here at Wrike. As you can tell from the tool we build and the other tools we use every single day. We’re not the only ones — cloud adoption is flourishing. A chorus of tech innovators and business leaders are singing the praises of the cloud, and more than 60% of businesses rely on cloud solutions to power their projects. So why the crazy popularity? And more importantly, are cloud services right for your business?

Here are what we consider to be the top 10 benefits of using project management cloud software, and why we decided Wrike should live in the cloud:

1. A connected team: With the reliance on remote workers growing exponentially, odds are your project team includes people that you don’t see at the office every day. And if you’re not taking advantage of the cloud, your remote team is not as connected or efficient as it could be. Cloud-based project management apps create a central workspace accessible from anywhere, so your whole team can communicate and collaborate seamlessly.

2. Reliable access: Ever had to ask a colleague to email you an essential document? (“Can you send me the final version, please? ASAP!”) Or tried to guess a missing co-worker’s password to access that day’s presentation slides? Major headache. When your project lives in the cloud, your team can access needed work information anywhere and anytime it’s needed. Whether you’re at a client meeting, networking event, or on your living room sofa, cloud software keeps information at your fingertips instead of stuck in your colleague’s local computer folders.

3. Minimal upfront costs: Put the company credit card away: you won’t need new hardware, expensive onsite software installation, or extra IT staff to configure and maintain new software. With cloud apps, all you need is an internet connection and the computers your team already uses. And since most cloud apps offer top-notch customer service, technical support and troubleshooting assistance is always available.

4. Low-maintenance technology: When managing complex projects with many moving parts, technology that’s simple, functional, and easy to maintain is essential. Access the benefits of enterprise-level features without overly-complicated installations or paying for entirely new versions to get the 1 or 2 new features you want. And minimize the time you spend offline installing updates and checking system requirements.

5. Flexibility:  Whatever platform each member of your team uses — Windows, Mac, Linux — is irrelevant since the only thing a cloud application needs is an internet connection and a web browser. Tasks get done faster when each member of your team can work in the environment they’re most comfortable with.

6. Security: Good cloud project management software offers first-rate security, using highly secure data centers and servers with built-in disaster recovery. If you spill coffee on your laptop, download a virus, or even lose your whole office in a hurricane, you can get back to work without skipping a beat since all your important information is stored in the cloud. And if a laptop gets lost or stolen, all you have to do is log in to your online account and change your password to protect sensitive data.

7. Speed: With cloud software, you’re up and running in a flash: just sign up on the company website for instant setup and access to your new tool. And when new features or security updates are released, they’re available instantly. You won’t have to wait months for version 2.0, or pay extra to upgrade your existing application suite.

8. Cost efficiency: 82% of companies said moving to the cloud saved them money.Cloud services typically offer a variety of pricing options based on features or account size, so small teams and businesses can access sophisticated tools that they couldn’t ordinarily afford to license. Most cloud apps let you add new users as needed and scale back down just as easily, adjusting with your team as it grows.

9. Integrated tools: Odds are your new cloud-based project management app integrates with other tools you already know and use. Aside from the added convenience and ease of adoption, your team can work more efficiently when all your tools work together and are accessible from one spot.

10. Try before you buy: Many cloud apps offer free trials, so you can test the tool and make sure it really fits your needs before investing in new software (and hoping it’s the right fit).

Cloud-based project management solutions offer the simplicity and reliability essential to success. Are you ready to join the millions of businesses already managing their projects in the cloud? Sign up for Wrike now and begin reaping these 10 benefits now!


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