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Mobile Application Benefits

Mobile Application Benefits


The benefits of mobile apps

Mobile apps are today’s ‘must-have’ business tool. Digital Australia emma Product Insights Report claims that only 3% of Australians do not use a mobile phone. That’s a whopping 97% of Australians that use a mobile phone in their everyday lives to access information for both their personal and professional lives.

For business, this means one thing – you must get mobile.

Mobile apps are a brilliant way to engage your customers when they are on the go. Whether it be a spare 5 minutes before school pickup or the spare half an hour travelling to work on the train – your customers are seeking new information every spare minute of their day.

Benefits of mobile apps

  • They are easy to use! So simple yet so important – mobile apps offer a touch and go information portal for busy people. Information is available quickly and easily.
  • Customised to devices – there is such a range now of iphone to android products that developers customise your app for users of both phones types.
  • Immediate communication to your customers: Apps allow you to communicate with your customers like never before. Send them real time messages, alerts and promotions at the touch if a button.
  • Value loyalty: Apps have so many inbuilt loyalty program features available that it can be hard to choose. See what actions your customers are taking and reward them for those behaviours.
  • Easy access to social media: Keep all your social media accounts up-to-date via your mobile app so less time is spent on time consuming tasks.
  • Know your audience: With a range of new technologies you can track the movements and buying habits of your customers and generate your marketing and promotional activities to match.

If you are not yet in the mobile app scene, consider adding it to your 2016 marketing mix – your customers are waiting for you.

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