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Marketing for new businesses

What is marketing? Marketing is more than just advertising. It’s a concentrated effort to get your business across to the customer by pushing it from every angle. Marketing involves the product itself, branding, price points, where you sell it and the way you promote it. There’s an old marketing principle that says customers need to […]

The Toyota Production System Works for Relationships, Too

The Toyota Production System Works for Relationships, Too. Ed Basista, 1/4/16 The innovations of the Toyota Production System (TPS) are well documented and are standard features of business school curricula everywhere, because of its simplicity and efficiency in producing a quality product with minimal manual labour. But its latest innovation to this process, jidoka which […]

Increase Business Sales

Increase Business Sales Bottrell’s Business tips to increase sales!  Looking to increase your business performance? Our team recommends the following;- Define your mission. Define your Vision Detail the mission into specific goals. Define the Customer needs, then Sell to your customer needs. Create attention to your product, services & your business. Once you have branding/attention – […]