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Top 10 Life Hacks for Business Owners

10 Life Hacks To Help You Get Ample Sleep So You Can Give Value To Your Business

Life Hacks To be successful you need to give value. Moreover, to give value, you need to be focused, organised, energized and relaxed. These things are vital when it comes to business and if you aren’t quite executing these could it be from lack of sleep?
If you find yourself not being able to switch off, climb into bed and have that deep relaxing and recharging sleep at the end of the day you may need to reassess your habits.

Here are 10 ways to switch off your brain and get that slept like a baby feeling so you can give the best value in your line of work.

  1. Bed is for sleep only.

This one is often overlooked. Activities such as reading and watching TV stimulate the brain, yet they’re things we often do to try and get to sleep. Isolate these activities from the bedroom so when you hop into bed your brain knows it’s time to sleep.

  1. Power down

Give your brain a chance to switch off by banning gadgets and books immediately before you go to bed. Give yourself half an hour of peace and quiet with lights out and really give your brain a chance to switch off.

  1. Get into a routine

Giving yourself regular lights-out time and establishing a routine, your body clock will quickly adjust. You will find yourself falling asleep with no brain clutter sooner than you thought.

  1. Meditation

Regular meditation has several benefits. Whether you need to clear your mind to sleep or relax you tense body. This is a proven tool for switching off which is massively underestimated.

  1. Write down your thoughts

Sometimes we struggle to switch off because our minds are racing and we get caught up thinking about anything and everything. Write them down and return to them in the morning. Whatever the matter, it can wait 8 hours and you could do with the rest.

  1. Have a bed time ritual

A simple process of winding down; experiment and see which one works for you. This could be as simple as taking a shower, writing in a diary, washing dishes, or even preparing work clothes for the morning.

  1. Taking up in physical activity

Exercise is proven to reduce anxiety, which is a common reason why we struggle to switch off at night. Going for a walk or taking a gym class is a good way to reduce stress and anxiety allowing you to have a better sleep.

  1. Distract your Brain

There are lots of small mental exercises which can distract your brain from whatever current worries you have, think about song lyrics or the functions on a home appliance for example.

  1. Leave work at work

Work is one of the main causes stress. You need to set a decent bumper between your bed time and when you leave work so you can relax and allow your mind to fully clear

  1. Look at your lifestyle

Consider what may be triggering or influencing your stress and anxiety. Think about caffeine and alcohol intake., work and family related issue and how you might be able to reduce them.


Now you have read these 10 life hacks, which one will you adopt? Do you have any life hacks you think she be added to the list?

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