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Web Design Freelancing

Web Design Freelancing


Web Design Freelancing

When starting out as a web designer or graphic designer, one of the most challenging questions of any start-up is “Where do I find my clients?” There is a simple answer in the name of

Freelancer connects you to employers looking for graphic and web designers. With graphic and web design one of the most popular categories of work on the platform, you will not be shy of opportunities.

We outline the pros and cons of Freelancer clear and simple.



Small membership fee

The standard monthly plan is under $20/month, allowing massive amount of bids.

Access to a wealth of potential clients

Freelancer is brilliant at establishing relationships as when you work well with a good client, future work can be arranged either through Freelancer or on your own terms.

Easy to Use System

Freelancer is set up really well to protect both employers and employees with clear FAQs outlining project terms and conditions. Setting up milestones within your projects allows employers to allocate funds to a holding account, giving you confidence that works done will be paid for.

Good Client Feedback System

If you do a good job, your employer will rate you out of five stars and is able to give a recommendation for other employers to see for future projects.

Great Portfolio Option

If you’ve designed great work and built great websites, you can show them off in your profile portfolio section for all to see.


Freelancer does take a cut of your income

Generally speaking Freelancer takes approx. a 10% cut of your project income (base don your membership plan) so you do lose some of your income. However, it is a small price to pay for the benefit of using the platform.

You may need to start out less than your average rate

With Freelancer you are bidding against others who will come ina t a far lower rate than what we are accustomed to in Australia. You will need to find that balance to make the work worth the effort for you, but also being competitive against your other bidders.

There are Some Crazies

As with all online platforms, there are the few that try to ruin it for the many. Always ensure to chat to your employer and clearly outline the conditions of the project before you commence. Be 100% confident to commence the job, and it something doesn’t feel right, you are not obligated to accept the job. Move on to the next.

If you are a designer and are wondering where to start, give Freelancer a shot – you’ve got nothing to lose.

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