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Lawyer Vs Debt Collector

Firstly, it’s important that whatever you do, do it quickly. The longer you wait to collect a debt, the harder it is to collect. The more time you waste on repeating the process of chasing letters, emails and calls the less chance you stand of recovering payment. If your debtor has been unable to pay you, chances [...]

5 Tips for Getting Organised at Work

Here are a few tips to help you with the stresses of work!   Tidy Up Your Desk It may not come as a surprise that the first tip for getting organized at work includes a gentle reminder that a thorough cleaning of your work space might be in order. But before you dive headfirst [...]

Social Media Business Training

Struggling to advertise your Business online? We've got you covered! We specialse in the following for Facebook advertising: Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses Learn how to craft a social media marketing strategy for your small business.  Create a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account to listen to customers and drive traffic and sales. Personal Branding [...]