The Fidget Spinner & Viral Marketing

fidgetThe Fidget Spinner & Viral Marketing

Haven’t heard of a Fidget Spinner? Crawl out of your hole and simply look down the main road of your city. Kids, even adults, are going crazy for the viral trend that is Fidget Spinners. First marketed as a calming tool for children with nervous energy, adults soon picked up the trend and overnight millions have been sold. YouTube now has over 5 million videos of Fidget Spinners, and Google racks up 110,000 searches in just a month. But how exactly did a simple plastic, rotating toy jump to viral status so quickly?


With the age of social media, news cycles have sped up drastically, and this is the start of how a product like a Fidget Spinner can be skyrocketed to the 2017 ‘Must Have’ Toy. Blogs will quickly pick up a scent, and platforms like Twitter will spit it out even more quickly. We are no longer passive consumers of the media, in the digital world of today, we are active participants. Traditional media is now fueled by social media, and vice versa. It is simply not enough for a product to be a headline in the hourly news, it must be sustained through interaction; the actions of sharing, commenting and liking promotions to do with the product. Add it into a meme, and watch it take off like wild fire.


The concept of viral growth is only possible when a ‘viral loop’ is created. Firstly, an individual is exposed to the idea. This idea provokes a reaction. The individual, sometimes unknowingly, helps spread the idea. Multiple people are now exposed to the idea, with the potential to react and spread it just like the first individual, creating a loop. As long as this idea can effectively encourage people to react and act upon it, it will continue to spread, penetrating a market by getting early adopters first.


Time is money, and money is time. Recognising a new trend early on is crucial, and timing is everything. When first stumbling upon a new trend, educate yourself by searching it on Google. Assess the interest and hype surrounding it, and understand a rough estimate of how long this idea will last. Use forums and sites like Reddit and Google Trends, and get your foot in the door before the rest of the entrepreneurial world. Latch onto developing trends and ride the wave of opportunity, by either starting a new business solely devoted to that fade, or incorporate the product into your already existing company.


Content that you create is easily the most effective and accessible way to capitalise on a viral trend, and is a handy tool for creating your very own viral loop to reach a widespread community. A great tactic is creating a marketing process that lets you turn every new customer into more via a viral loop. Try using incentives if an individual brings the business more customers, or potentially free products and giveaways to build exponential growth.

In need of a helping hand?

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