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Declaration for tax and BAS agents

Declaration for tax and BAS agents The Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) has advised that, from 2016, registered tax and BAS agents will need to complete an annual declaration with the TPB to demonstrate they are meeting their ongoing registration requirements. “Registered tax and BAS agents must submit an annual declaration to the TPB on the […]

Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive Innovation DON’T BE AFRAID TO RUFFLE THE FEATHERS What is disruptive innovation? Disruptive innovation is a relatively new term. Its premise lies in the model of smaller companies with fewer resources and power that gradually challenge and overpower successfully established businesses by inventing new technologies to replace the old, and in the process, gain […]

Increase Business Sales

Increase Business Sales Bottrell’s Business tips to increase sales!  Looking to increase your business performance? Our team recommends the following;- Define your mission. Define your Vision Detail the mission into specific goals. Define the Customer needs, then Sell to your customer needs. Create attention to your product, services & your business. Once you have branding/attention – […]